Reporting Technical Problems

Need Tech Support?  We are happy to help you!

Please follow the steps below to solve your tech challenges or get your questions answered.

Step 1: Ask a colleague for help. There are experts everywhere!

Step 2: Ask the Media person in the building for help.

Step 3: Contact the tech department. There are three ways to contact the tech department. For the best results please use these options in the following order.

  1.  Submit a ticket to the Web Help Desk. Note that you can only do this when you are connected to the district network.
    • Go to the Web Help Desk website:
    • Log in with your network credentials
    • Complete the form
  2. Send an email if you are outside the district network.
    • Send the email to 
    • Include your Name, Building, Room Number, Contact information and detailed description of tech issue or question.
  3. Call 7111 to reach someone in the Technology Department. If no one is available to answer leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Building media/technology contacts

Hilltop Elementary:
Michelle Barrett     651-306-7436
Lynn Newton     651-306-7436
Pine Bend Elementary:
Cindy Seagren     651-306-7706
Sherry Walkush     651-306-7706
Lynn Newton
Salem Hills Elementary:
Sheri Runkel
Jessy Clifton     651-306-7341

Inver Grove Heights Middle School:
Leslie Foster-Huot

Simley High School:
Tyler Tatarek     651-306-7922
Special Ed:
Linda Potts     651-306-7159

Districtwide Tech Support:
Caroline Little      651-306-7100
Kari Gerhart  
Chris Ferguson (Network)      651-306-7102
Bill Ries      651-306-7171
Daniel Son      651-306-7136
Bev Mueller (Student System)      651-306-7101