Students using tablets

2990 80th Street East
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Director of Instructional Technology
Caroline Little
phone 651-306-7100
fax 651-306-7295

Network Specialist
Chris Ferguson
phone 651-306-7102
fax 651-306-7295

Lead Technology Specialist
Bill Ries
phone 651-306-7171
fax 651-306-7295

Technology Specialist
Daniel Son
phone 651-306-7136
fax 651-306-7295

MARSS Coordinator/Student System Specialist
Bev Mueller
phone 651-306-7101
fax 651-306-7295

The effective use of modern technology is critical to adapting and thriving in a diverse and rapidly changing global society. The mission of technology use in District 199 is to integrate effective and efficient administrative and instructional applications of technology into the educational program and the district's operations. These applications are intended to promote and enhance the communication and collaboration necessary for meaningful learning.