Targeted Services

Inver Grove Heights Schools

Targeted Services

Targeted Services is a state-funded, invitation-only program, which offers additional learning opportunities to academically targeted K-8 students. This program is designed to support students who learn in different ways or may need a different pace from other students.  Students are invited if they are able to be independent, safe, and successful within the program.

Targeted Services programs are designed to give students opportunities to improve and build academic skills. Programs may also be available to help students develop and improve their organizational and social/emotional skills.

Targeted Services are taught by highly-qualified teachers. Opportunities are offered at all Inver Grove Heights elementary schools and Inver Grove Heights Middle School. Targeted services are offered during the school year, which are before and after school, and during the summer.

Extended Day

Hilltop University, Pine Bend University, Salem Hills University

Extended day programs are held at the student’s school of attendance. These classes are held outside the regular school day, either before or after school. Classes are an additional learning support that students receive to address academic, organization or social emotional needs related to core academic areas. Days of the week, time of day, and classes offered will vary from school to school.

Hilltop University Coordinator

                  Michelle Barrett- 651-306-7434

Pine Bend University Coordinator

                  Ben Peine- 651-306-7735

Salem Hills University Coordinator

                  Kelly Goodnature- 651-306-7318

Extended Year

Elementary Summer Academy

Summer Academy is a four-week program held during the summer.  This program is available to students who have qualified academically based on district and state assessment scores and/or district reading and math benchmarks. Your child’s teacher may indicate a need for Summer Academy during winter conferences. Families will receive invitations to Summer Academy in late February or early March.

Summer Academy follows the same school year expectations of attendance and behavioral policies. Summer Academy is a privilege and adhering to these policies will promote an atmosphere that will provide the best educational learning experience for all of our students.

Student Selection

Students qualify for targeted services based on informal and formal district assessments, such as MAP test scores, OLPA test scores, DRA, and MCA. Students are selected for targeted services have demonstrated academic performance below grade level expectations, are at–risk for failing to meet the state’s academic content standards, or have social challenges that may put them at-risk of not being successful in school.  


Transportation is provided for after school targeted service programs and Summer Academy at the elementary level. Transportation is not provided for before school programs.   Students must live within the boundaries of the Inver Grove Heights school district to receive transportation for any targeted services program. Transportation forms are included with after school targeted services classes and Summer Academy. All forms need to be filled out completely and signed by a parent/guardian in order to receive transportation services. 

Continuous Learning Plan (CLP)

Every student enrolled in targeted services has a continuous learning plan (CLP).  The CLP is required by Minnesota Statute, section 124D. 128, Subdivision 3. It is a tool to record the services a student is receiving and the progress they are making in targeted services.


Inver Grove Heights Schools receives state funds based on the number of students served. The program is self-supporting and offered at no cost to students enrolled.  

Targeted Services Elementary Coordinator

                  Sarah Zaiser- 651-306-7454

Targeted Services Middle School Coordinator

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