Hour of Code

Hour of Code Makes Computer Science Fun, Accessible for K-5
Posted on 12/04/2017
The youngest ISD 199 elementary schools participated in this year’s international Hour of Code. The event aims to introduce every student to computer science in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. Participating students use applications from www.code.org that coincide with lessons in every subject area, from math to music, or do offline activities that show them how coding sets a pattern that a program must read and follow.

Hilltop Elementary School heard from special guest and ISD 199 School Board member Lynette Stensgard to kick off their Hour of Code events. Mrs. Stensgard, who is a senior business analyst/project lead for Delta Air Lines, taught students gave students an idea of how code is used in unexpected places. She talked about how code helps baggage get on the correct plane.

For the rest for the day, students at every elementary school took an hour to use the Code.org applications or do coding activities without a device. Each grade level learned computer science vocabulary, built and reworked coding sequences to complete objectives, and even explained to adults how coding works.

Click here to see pictures from the elementary Hour of Code events.