Social & Life Skills Resources

social life

Click on one of the links below for online activities and/or information.  (Warning:  Clicking on one of the links below will result in your leaving Inver Grove Heights Schools' web pages.)

  1.  (It’s My Life:  Social Skills, Money, Making Decisions, Emotions, Friends)
  2.   (PBS Kids:  Video Clips about Friends, Family, School, Emotions, Money)
  3.  (Don’t Buy It: Get Media Smart)
  4.  (Arthur:  Solve Real Life Problems by choosing the best advice) 
  5.  (Money Instructor) 
  6.  (Practice the art of budgeting and financial decisions)
  7.  (Clifford:  Puppy Days Story Builder – deals with friends)

  8.  (Hands on Banking:  Money skills you will need for life)

  9. (Practical Money skills)
  10.  (Adult Learning Activities)
  11.  (Picture Recipes)
  12.  (Interactives: Math in Daily Life)