Understanding the Minnesota Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR)

2014 MMR Release Information

Minnesota's Multiple Measurement Rating


Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR)
  • Proficiency - AYP data is used and targets are based on reducing the number of non-proficient students in each student group by 50% by 2017.
  • Growth - Expected student growth from year to year is measured.
  • Achievement Gap Reduction - Focused on increasing growth in student groups to narrow the academic achievement gap.  
  • Graduation - All student groups are measured at a 90% expected graduation rate. 

Focus Rating (FR)

  • Focused Proficiency - Proficiency is only measured for students of color, EL students, students receiving Special Education services, and students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch.  
  • Achievement Gap Reduction - Student groups are compared to the criteria of cutting the achievement gap in half by 2017.

How are high performing school recognized?

Schools that perform within the top 40% of schools statewide are ranked within their grade grouping (high school, middle school, elementary, other).  Only schools receiving Title I funds are eligible for recognition. 

Reward Schools

  • Top 15% on MMR

Celebration Eligible

  • Next 25% on MMR
  • Schools must apply for this recognition (about 10% will be granted Celebration status)

How are low-performing schools identified?

Schools that perform within the bottom 25% of statewide as ranked within their grade grouping are identified as:

Priority Schools
  • Bottom 5% on MMR
Focus Schools
  • Bottom 10% on FR
Continuous Improvement
  • Bottom 25% on MMR (not already a Priority or Focus school)

MMR Glossary