Lynette Stensgard

Lynette Stensgard (incumbent)

Lynette StensgardAGE: 51

Why do you want to be a member of the ISD 199 School Board?
I want to be a member of the school board for the same reason I did when I originally ran 12 years ago. Children need a voice, someone to advocate on their behalf to make sure schools can do what is best for kids. A lot of progress has been made over those years and many goals have been attained, but many new tasks must be completed, so that is why I would like to stay involved with the board.

What experience do you bring to this position? How have those experiences prepared you to fulfill the responsibilities of a school board member?
Having been a school board member for 12 years already, I feel I have proven experience in what it takes to fulfill this important role. I have served on the personnel, finance, and facilities committees. I was involved in the rebuild of the middle school, additions to Hilltop, the new Early Learning Center, and many changes at Simley. The latest bond was completed on time and under budget.

The most important skills I bring to the table are:
  • Good Listener and Communicator
  • Very Organized
  • Team player who works well with others
  • Finance: I have a lot of experience working with tight budgets and limited resources
  • Responsible: I am known for following through on big and small issues

What are the most important issues concerning the Inver Grove Heights School District and how would you address them?
I believe the biggest issue is budget. We run on one of the lowest in the area. It is the key in defining how much we can do for kids, and it doesn’t leave the district enough to continue the needed transformation of our educational system. The world around us is changing at a pace schools have not been able to keep up with due to limited funding and resources. To address the limited budget, I would stay focused on the greatest of priorities and continue to look at options such as collaboration with other schools and businesses to help reduce overall expenses.

A second issue of concern is around the topic of career and college readiness. We need to help kids have a much clearer idea of their interests and talents before they graduate from high school as it is a key to their future success. To address this issue, I would be focused on curriculum needs and, again, collaborating with other schools and businesses to bring in that real-world experience.

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