Simley Spartan Yearbook Policies

Simley High School Yearbook Policy:
The Simley High School administration supports an active, diverse student population that promotes the best interests of students, parents, and the community through the publication of a yearbook. The administration supports student participation in the publication of a yearbook that reflects the positive learning experiences and growth of the student body while enriching the school curriculum through extracurricular involvement. The administration strives to support a public document that reflects the best representation of the school’s mission and practices. The administration endorses the following procedures and policies to ensure that the school and district curricular philosophy and policies are exhibited in the completed publication.

Content Policy:
By virtue of the fact that the publication is a student conceived, planned and produced publication, as well as a product of an academic program, there are guidelines which must be put into practice ethically and legally.

Journalistic in nature, the publication attempts to inform and entertain its audience in a broad, fair and accurate manner on all subjects that affect readers in the areas of lifestyles, academics, clubs and sports. The entire student body of prospective readers constitutes the target audience for the book with secondary audiences including parents, school personnel, community members and other scholastic journalism groups. Content focuses on coverage which will meet the wants and needs of the majority of these students.

No material, opinions or otherwise, will be printed which is libelous, irresponsible, advocates an illegal activity or which the editorial board and/or adviser deems in poor taste.

Simley Yearbook is committed in all its activities as photographers, writers, designers and historians to the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity, diversity, and inclusivity. Toward these goals, Simley Yearbook works hard to include every member of the Simley community in its pursuit to thoroughly document the year’s history.

Photography & Artwork Policy:
All photos will become a public record upon publication and should be treated with appropriate precautions. Submitted photos will remain copyrights of the original photographer and are licensed freely when submitted for publication.

All photos and artwork must conform to school policies and standards and are subject to approval by, but not limited to, the yearbook staff, the yearbook advisor, and the school administration. Individuals portrayed in the photos must give consent for the photos in order to be included. Photos may be edited or excluded which represent any of the following:

  • Violating school policies or best interests,
  • Display of firearms, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol or gambling,
  • Inappropriate gestures or postures,
  • Revealing or obscene clothing.

The yearbook staff, as directed by the yearbook advisor or administration, reserves the right to edit, retouch, crop, or resize any photos submitted without permission, notification, or approval. Photographs violating school policies may be subject to investigation for disciplinary purposes.

Senior Portrait Policy:
Students will be responsible for providing digital high-resolution copies of their senior portrait by the deadline of December 1st of their graduating year. Any senior portraits received after this date MAY not be printed in the Yearbook. Portraits must be a vertically aligned, full-colored, head-and-shoulders shot. Portraits should contain no props that violate school rules and should not have a filter (sepia, antique, black & white, etc.) The yearbook team reserves the right to refuse any picture that does not meet our specifications. Examples of reasons for refusal would include, but are not limited to, full-body picture, prop is inappropriate for school, portrait has filter applied, or low-resolution file. The students whose senior class portrait will be included in the yearbook are on a list according to the school’s registration system as of December 1st. We will do our best to include students entering Simley after this date, but we cannot guarantee inclusion.

Senior Quotes Policy:
A senior statement may be used as a remembrance of school activities, significant individuals in the senior’s life, and memories related to participation in school-sanctioned extracurricular activities rather than non-academic personal expression related to beliefs, interests, or actions outside of school. Inclusion of extracurricular activities or convictions not sanctioned by the school, hobbies, or other leisure activities must be approved by the school administration and may be edited or excluded at their discretion. All senior statements must be approved by the yearbook advisor and the administration and may be edited or excluded without permission. Statements which do not conform to any of the following may be edited or excluded:

    Violating school policies or best interests,
  • Representations of criminal or unethical acts,
  • Veiled or direct references to firearms, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol or gambling,
  • Inappropriate language or references,
  • Text speak, SMS language, or veiled acronyms,
  • Inflammatory or callous remarks towards individuals or organizations,
  • Inappropriate statements about cultural, ethnic or religious groups, race, or sexual preferences.
Statements violating school policies are subject to investigation by administration for disciplinary purposes.

Underclassmen Portrait Policy:
Students whose class portrait are included in the yearbook are those students attending Simley at the time of the photo sessions with Lifetouch Studios. Students are listed in the yearbook by grade according to the school’s computer system at the time of page creation (usually in mid-October). Any students entering Simley after the photo session are not guaranteed entry into the class portraits section of the yearbook, though a photo submission can be made and the yearbook staff will make every attempt to include the photo.

Yearbook Sales Policy:
Books are sold at a gradual price increase throughout the year. Notices of price change will be posted on the website and in all available school communications that the yearbook team is able to access.

Books may be exchanged if a minor flaw is found in the book and only if there is no writing in the book. If there is a major flaw in the book, as deemed by the advisor, then the book may be exchanged even if there is writing in the book.

Preordering yearbooks may be purchased in two ways. First, a customer may purchase online at ybpay.lifetouch.com using our school code and their credit card. Second, a customer may complete a yearbook order form and submit cash or check to the yearbook advisor. Books will not be sold between May 1st and the distribution day.

The yearbook team will do everything in their power to deliver preordered books or notify recipients of their purchased book. Any books remaining unclaimed at the start of the following school year will become property of the yearbook staff and can be sold at the current price.

Lost or Stolen Policy:
We recommend that you write your name on the book immediately so that nobody can walk away with it. Keep track of who has your book – every year people “lose” their books and we do not want that to happen to you. We are always saddened when books are lost or stolen, but we cannot replace them for free.

Mistakes Policy:
Believe us, we have seen mistakes, and we are sick about them. Please keep in mind that the yearbook is a student produced publication, and is a learning experience for the students who compile the photos, stories, and content. As a result, there are no perfect yearbooks created, ever. Upon distribution of the yearbook, there is nothing we can do about the mistakes you inevitably find. Please do not come to the yearbook room and point them out or post snide comments on social media about them. Would you want someone to tell you that your eyes are too far apart? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But if you love the book, we’d love to know.