What Was the Process?

Survey Results

Community Survey

EMT Student Signing College IntentResidents of the Inver Grove Heights School District give it high grades overall and for the quality of its financial management, according to a survey conducted during the last two weeks of May. Springsted, public sector advisors that provide market research and interpretation to school districts, conducted a stratified random-sample telephone survey of 400 residents. A stratified random-sample survey aims to mirror the community’s voter demographics with its respondents. Questions included perceptions of the district and reactions to potential levy options, which board members used to inform their decision to approve an operating levy and a capital projects levy for November 2017.

Springsted consultant Don Lifto presented highlights of the survey results to the school board during the June 12 board work session. Survey details are below:
  • When asked to grade ISD 199 on quality, 80% of respondents who graded the district gave it an A or B.

  • When asked to grade the district’s financial management, 67% of respondents gave it an A or B. When compared to 2013 responses, the number of A’s and B’s increased from 55% and the number of D’s and F’s decreased from 17% to 12%.
  • More than 75% supported the renewal of the two existing voter-approved levies set to expire in 2019 and 2023 to maintain class sizes and provide support for struggling students, teaching positions, programs for advanced learners, and student opportunities in band, theater, and sports.
  • More than 65% supported an increase of the operating levy to offer more support for student mental health and behavior needs, more college prep programs at the middle and high schools, and vocational, technical, and career programming.
  • There was 63% support for a capital projects levy that, as an example, would provide students with access to digital content, replace large musical instruments, and replace outdated textbooks and curriculum materials.
Click here to view Springsted's presentation about the community survey results.

Review and Comment

Student in classA review and comment is required by the Minnesota Department of Education on school district project proposals before the district conducts a referendum. Both questions required this review and comment. The document, which was approved by the School Board before it was submitted, is available online. Click here to view the Minnesota Department of Education Review and Comment.