What is the Plan?

What is the plan?

We surveyed the community during the last two weeks of May to help determine a plan for moving forward. The survey mirrored the community’s voter demographics. Questions included voter perceptions of the district and reactions to potential levy options. From this survey, we formulated the two-question Nov. 7 referendum.

Inver Grove Heights Schools is holding a referendum on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017. The district will ask voters for authorization to increase operating funds and create a capital projects levy to address the district’s budget shortfall and provide new programming, equipment and materials to enhance student learning.  There will be two questions on the ballot.

Question 1: Increase career and college readiness

(Avoid budget cuts, invest in high priority teaching and learning initiatives, keep class sizes small, increase vocational and technical opportunities, and support student behavior and mental health needs.)

Question 1 would increase the operating levy from $562 per pupil to $819 per pupil. The increase would generate an estimated $984,000 next year.

This additional funding would allow the district to avoid further budget cuts, keep class sizes small, and invest in high priority teaching and learning initiatives such as support for mental health and behavior needs, support for struggling students, vocational, technical, and career programs, and additional college prep courses.

Question 2: Remain competitive

(Provide students with access to digital content, vo-tech tools, computers, and software; replace worn out classroom furnishings, large musical instruments, outdated textbooks and curriculum materials.)

Question 2 would put a capital projects levy in place equal to approximately $638,000 per year.

The money raised by this authorization will provide funds for the purchase of textbooks, curriculum materials, large musical instruments, classroom furnishings, equipment, vocational/technical tools, computers, and software for student achievement, and would keep them maintained and up to date.