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Minnesota Career Information System Jr.
Password protected. Please request password from the Middle School at 651-306-7200.

Career Clusters
This Web site serves as a clearinghouse for Career Clusters research products, services and technical assistance for implementation of the States' Career Clusters Framework for lifelong learning. Career clusters prepares all students for college and careers. is a resource for students, their parents, their teachers and their school counselors. This is a portal about engineering and engineering careers, and we hope it will help young people understand better what engineering means and how an engineering career can be made part of their future.

Discover Engineering
Includes career facts, career profiles, what's new in engineering - contests, design challenges, news articles, interesting facts, video activities, games, link and more...
A Web site devoted to engineering facts, career information, links, readings, contests, suggested classes to take for engineering, profiles of women engineers and more.

Engineering Go For It
Dream up the future produced by the American Society of Engineering Education to promote and enhance the efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education. This is an interactive Web site for students, parents and teachers. All can subscribe to a free e-magazine. Students can explore engineering careers, discover steps involved in getting into the engineering program of choice, learn about available scholarships and more.
Describes steps for getting to college from Middle School to a senior in High School. Students can explore interests, take virtual tours of a make-believe campus, take a quiz to see to find out what they know about going to college, hear advice from students in college (previously recorded) and has information on financial aid.


NASA Education for students grades 5-8 and 9-12

National Security Agency:  America's Crypto Kids Future Codemakers and Codebreakers

Bureau of Labor Statistics' Website for Kids
Provides introductory career information for students in grades 4-8.

Association on Higher Education and Disability
A list of transition resources for students, parents and teachers (for career information, career planning, post-secondary information, vocational rehabilitation, assistive technology and parental support resources).