MCIS - Minnesota Career Information System

Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is a comprehensive, internet-based platform that combines a wealth of career and education information into one, easy-to-use exploration tool. MCIS is an excellent tool to use for post-secondary planning and each Simley student has their own account. 

- Go to:  
- Click Log in with your IGH Network Password and use your school google/schoology login
- Click on the MCIS App with the lighthouse 
- Click Sign Up on the left side of the screen
- Click Continue and you will be at your personal MCIS portfolio

Why use MCIS? 

Recent Minnesota legislation requires every student to have a post-secondary plan. MCIS will help you to create that plan. Each student will create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) over their four years at Simley. Within your PLP, you will: determine your skills and interests, explore careers, search for colleges and training options, create an education and career plan, and keep a record of your school and extra-curricular activities, and work experience.

Research shows that students who have an education and career plan: are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college or other post-secondary training, are more motivated to succeed in college and other types of training and in the workplace, score higher on standardized achievement tests, and have better attendance and fewer discipline problems.