Any student in grades K-12 may be considered for homebound instruction if the student has been absent or is predicted to be absent from school for fifteen (15) days or more due to physical illness, mental health, or pregnancy according to the placing authority (e.g., medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, judge, or other court appointed authority). In order to consider homebound services, signed written documentation from the placing authority must be provided indicating the following:

1. Reason for requesting homebound services
2. Projected return to school date

Homebound services may be necessary for students who receive special education services. If the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team determines homebound services, special education services must be provided as required by the students IEP and to the extent that treatment considerations allow the student to participate. The IEP must be amended to meet the student’s temporary instructional needs before services can begin.

For students who are predicted to be out of school fewer than 171 school days, one (1) hour per day is provided unless a building team requests additional time which must be approved by the Director of Special Services. Homebound services can be delivered as five hours per week in different configurations.

If you feel your child is in need of homebound services, please contact your child's principal or  counselor at your school or contact the Special Services Department at (651) 306-7821.

Homebound Packet
Physician Documentation of Need for Homebound Services