Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources

Information about Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources can be found by clicking on one of the links below.  (Warning:  Clicking on a link will cause you to leave Inver Grove Heights Schools web pages.)

ASD and Visual Strategies Resources

    1. (Susan Stokes)
    2.  (online information and resources and free printable picture symbols and charts to use for visual schedules and steps within tasks.)
    3.  (Autism: Interventions and Strategies for Success – Susan Stokes)
    4.  (Beyond Autism)
    5.  (Beyond Autism Pecs Pictures/Icons Pages)
    6.  (Tennessee’s Autism Spectrum Kids)
    7.  (PECS)
    8.  (Autism Speaks: Visual Tools)
    9.  (Great Sites for Autistic Support Teachers)
    10. (Baltimore City Schools, Books Adapted with BoardMaker)
    11.  (Clicker free made materials)
    12.  (Autism Today)
    13.  (Thinking in Pictures Article by Temple Grandin)
    14.  (Kiz Club: flash cards, stories, games, and more)
    15. (Speaking of Speech:  BoardMaker Materials Exchange)
    16.  (Widget: Writing with Symbols 2000 Resources)
    17.  (Widget:  Downloadable Teacher Resources)
    18.  (Picture This Ideas)
    19.  (Inclusive Technology Free Downloads)
    20.  (Enhanced Learning)
    21.  (Internet picture dictionary, multiple languages)
    22. (Video:  What Kind of World Do You Want?)
    23.  (Kansas ASD, Social Stories and Visual Strategies Source)
    24. (Udltechtoolkit)
    25. (Cindy’s Autistic Support)
    26. (Spectronics)
    27. (SETBC)
    28. (Miami Dade County Schools)
    29.  (Symbol World:  Science and Nature Stories with Symbols)