Written and Language Arts Resources

Abbreviation Expansion & Word Prediction
Links to abbreviation expansion and word prediction resources.

Alternative to Written Book Report
Link to online Book Adventure website.

Bibliography Resources
Links to online bibliography resources.

Handwriting Resources
Links to handwriting activities and resources.

Inspiration, Kidspiration & DraftBuilder Software
Links to information on the software programs Inspiration, Kidspiration & DraftBuilder.

Keyboarding Resources
Links to online keyboading activites and resources.

Links to online libraries.

Math Resources
Links to information to assist with the written component of math.

Microsoft Word Writing Tools
Writing Tools in Microsoft Word

Miscellaneous Software/Hardware
Links to miscellaneous resources for the areas of written language and language arts.

Onscreen Keyboard with Word Prediction & Abbreviation Expansion
Links to software for online keyboards with word prediction and abbreviation expansion.

Links to software programs and products related to written language.

Screen & Text Readers
Links to information on screen and text readers.

Spelling Resources
Links to online spelling activities and resources.

Word Prediction Software
Links to information on word prediction software.

Writing with Symbols or Pictures (Software)
Links to online information about software products for writing with symbols or pictures.

Written and Language Arts Resources
Links to online written language and language arts activities and resources.