Music and Art Resources

Click on one of the links below for online activities and/or information.  (Warning:  Clicking on one of the links below will result in your leaving Inver Grove Heights Schools' web pages.)


Music Resources:

  1.  (Music
  2.  (Arts Alive)
  3.  (Play and Record the Xylophone)
  4.  (WorldWideLearn:  Online Music Courses and Lessons)
  5.   (New York Philharmonic Kidzone!)
  6.  (Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids)
  7. (University of Minnesota Marching Band)
  8.  (Guitar Noise - Easy guitar songs and lessons)
  9. (Guitar Songs - Search for chords and tab music for your favorite musician)
  10.   (PBS Music)
  11.  (Creating Music)
  12.  (DataDragon Music Genre Sampler)
  13.  (Exploratorium Science of Music)
  14.  (Garage Band - Macintosh)
  15.  (NotePad -Windows or Macintosh - Free music notation)
  16.  (Dancing Dots - Braille music notation)
  17.  (Carnegie Hall's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra)
  18.  (The Totally Free Children's Learning Network)
  19. (Drake Music Scotland - Helping people with disabilities to play music with sample libraries)


Art Resources:

  1.  (The Art Zone)
  2.  (NativeTech:  Native American Technology and Art)  
  3.  (Incredible Art Department)
  4.  (Art from Junk: Recycled Craft Ideas)
  5.  (National Gallery of Art)
  6. (Smithsonian Education)
  7.  (25 Places to Learn and Experiment with Art)