Committees and Roles

District Staff Development Advisory Committee

A district is required to reserve an amount equal to at least two percent of the basic revenue under section 126C.10, subdivision 2, for in-service education for programs (section 122A.60) that address the following:
  1. Focus on the school classroom and research-based strategies that improve student learning;
  2. provide opportunities for teachers to practice and improve their instructional skills over time;
  3. provide opportunities for teachers to use student data as part of their daily work to increase student achievement;
  4. enhance teacher content knowledge and instructional skills, including to accommodate the delivery of digital and blended learning and curriculum and engage students with technology;
  5. align with state and local academic standards;
  6. provide opportunities to build professional relationships, foster collaboration among principals and staff who provide instruction, and provide opportunities for teacher-to-teacher mentoring; and align with the plan of the district or site for an alternative teacher professional pay system.                        
The School Board must also establish an advisory staff development committee (122A.60) to develop the plan, assist site professional development teams in developing a site plan consistent with the goals of the plan, and evaluate staff development efforts at the site level.  The advisory committee must include teaching staff from a variety of grade levels, subject areas and special education, nonteaching staff, parents, and administrators.

Committee Facilitator:  Teajai Schmidt, Director of Learning

2015 - 2016 Committee Members
Steve Anderson                    Simley Michelle Anderson                Elementary Enrichment and Equity Coach
Pat Blazick-Peterson            Hilltop
Tera Woltjer                         Hilltop
Carol Ellison                        Assistant Principal, Simley
Miriam Freidson                   Hilltop/Pine Bend Title I Coordinator and Lead Teacher
Mary Garrison                      Director of Special Services
Jessica Goodwin                   Hilltop 
Jessica Hallin                        IGHMS
Andrea Koch                         Pine Bend
Lora Lambert                        Early Learning Programs Coordinator
Erin Kyllo                              Pine Bend
Sally McHenry                       Pine Bend
Linda Potts                           District-Wide Special Education
Genesee Rasmussen             Elementary Reading Coach
Abel Riodique                      Assistant Director of Special Education
Kim Sievert-Disanto            Simley
Sonja Steele                         Pine Bend
Mindy Tavernier                   Elementary Math Coach
Tina Willette                         Principal, Salem Hills Elementary
Lynn Tenney                        Director of Technology

Fall Review Meeting Minutes 2014

Presentation October 1, 2014

Fall Committee Member Talking Points

Mid-Year Building Level Staff Development Review Meeting Minutes February 11, 2015

Mid-Year Staff Survey February, 2015

Staff Identified Needs

Mid-Year Committee Member Talking Points

Title I Parent Advisory Group

The Title I Parent Advisory Group is instrumental in the development of the plan for the Title services each spring. As part of a school-parent partnership, they help facilitate the annual meeting for parents of potential participants in the fall and review communications that are sent home to be sure they are understandable.

Team Facilitator: Miriam Freidson, Title I Targeted Assistance Coordinator and Lead Teacher

Parent Committee Members

Jamie Halverson
Carl Brown
Gina Wallace
Barbara Isaacson
Todd Cheyka
Amy Adamson