World's Best Workforce Committee Information

What is the World's Best Workforce Committee?

The World’s Best Workforce Advisory Committee serves the District in an advisory capacity to ensure active community participation in all phases of the District’s World’s Best Workforce Plan focused on the following goals set by state statute:
  • All children are ready for Kindergarten.
  • All third grade students can read at grade level.
  • All racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed.
  • All students are ready for career and/or college.
  • All students graduate from high school.
The committee will meet twice during the school year. 

A fall meeting will focus on the previous school year’s assessment results and the current school year plans for continuous improvement. The committee will review the World's Best Workforce goals and progress toward reaching each goal.  In addition, the committee will review Achievement and Integration goals and progress.

The second meeting will focus on mid-year building school improvement plan updates, early learning updates, and an Achievement and Integration Plan review.