Hilltop Media Center Vision & Philosophy


The mission of the Hilltop Elementary School Library is to be proactive in making certain that each member of our school community is an effective user of ideas and information by providing: collaboration with fellow teachers and staff, access to a wealth of resources, instruction on information literacy skills for the real world, and an infectious passion for lifelong reading and learning.


  • As teachers, media specialists should design and implement units and lessons on topics such as problem solving, finding resources, using the internet, reading enrichment, reading for enjoyment, student use of the media center, taking care of books and resources.

  • As instructional partners, media specialists should assist teachers in locating and providing resources on individual units of study.

  • As leaders in the school, media specialists should remain current on trends and issues in education and chair schoolwide events pertaining to the development of information processing skills and the intellectual freedom of students.

  • As information specialists, media specialists should remain current on trends and issues in technology and classroom resources.

  • As administrators of the media center, media specialists should strive to foster an exciting learning environment where students may explore their own interests as well as curriculum, improve access to materials that enhance student learning, and champion work with all members of our learning community to improve student achievement.

  • As ambassadors for the school and larger community, media specialists should continually find ways to make our library the most comfortable and inviting setting for students to enjoy a good story, learn information literacy skills, conduct research, and dive into their favorite books.