Students can earn credit in the following courses:
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • Electives
A student’s progress will be measured as he or she achieves the outcomes agreed upon in his or her learning plan. A credit is earned when a student’s work meets a level of mastery determined to be acceptable by the instructor according to program guidelines. Quality work is stressed. There are no failing grades issued and poor work is not accepted. The students will receive report cards and grades for all credits earned.

The grading curve is as follows:

100-94%:  A
93-90%:    A-
89-87%:    B+
86-84%:    B
83-80%:    B-
79-77%:    C+
76-74%:    C
73-70%:    C-
69-67%:    D+
66-64%:    D
63-60%:    D-
59% and below is not accepted