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Music and Art Resources
Click on one of the links below for online activities and/or information.  (Warning:  Clicking on one of the links below will result in your leaving Inver Grove Heights Community Schools' web pages.)


Music Resources:

  1.  (Music
  2.  (Fun with Music)
  3.  (Arts Alive)
  4.  (Play and Record the Xylophone)
  5.  (WorldWideLearn:  Online Music Courses and Lessons)
  6.  (New York Philharmonic Kidzone!)
  7.  (Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids)
  8. (University of Minnesota Marching Band)
  9.  (Guitar Noise - Easy guitar songs and lessons)
  10. (Guitar Songs - Search for chords and tab music for your favorite musician)
  11. (Guitar songs by your favorite artists)
  12.   (PBS Music)
  13.  (Creating Music)
  14.  (I Know That)
  15.  (Brain-Juice)
  16.  (DataDragon Music Genre Sampler)
  17.  (Exploratorium Science of Music)
  18.  (Music Factory - Windows)
  19.  (Garage Band - Macintosh)
  20.  (NotePad -Windows or Macintosh - Free music notation)
  21.  (Dancing Dots - Braille music notation)
  22.  (Carnegie Hall's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra)
  23.  (Kididdles - free songs, lyrics, music sheets for kids)
  24.  (The Totally Free Children's Learning Network)
  25. (Drake Music Scotland - Helping people with disabilities to play music with sample libraries)


Art Resources:


  1.  (The Art Zone)
  2.  (Smart Kids:  Museum of Art for Kids)
  3.  (NativeTech:  Native American Technology and Art)  
  4.  (Incredible Art Department)
  5.  (Art from Junk: Recycled Craft Ideas)
  6.  (I Know That)
  7.  (National Gallery of Art)
  8. (Smithsonian Education)
  9.  (Resources for Kid Artists)
  10.  (25 Places to Learn and Experiment with Art)
  11.  (Brain-Juice)

Assistive Technology

 Linda Potts

Assistive Techology Specialist

Inver Grove Heights Community Schools